Around the Abbey

Visit from Archbishop Jackels

We had the great pleasure of a visit from our Archbishop, Archbishop Michael Jackels.  He has been our archbishop for just over a year now.  He was the celebrant for our Sunday Eucharist.  He gave a heartfelt homily about the primacy of Jesus in our Christian life.  He encouraged us and our guests to strive to know Jesus more and more, saying that you can’t love what you don’t know and to truly follow Jesus.  It is clear that this is the standard for our archbishop.

After the Eucharist we had a brunch with Archbishop Jackels.  It was a delight getting to know him better.  We were free to ask him any questions we wanted.  Sr. Christine, who will be going to Italy soon, with a stop in Siena, asked him about his devotion to Catherine of Siena.  He told us how he was introduced to her and how he has read all her writings and how her wisdom was so pertinent to our own times in guiding the Church today.

We also had a lot of fun with teasing back and forth and good humor all around.  After brunch he joined us for Midday prayer.  He left with a very monastic gift, vegetables from our garden.  We look forward to our next visit from him.