Around the Abbey

This Week: Winter, a Visit, and a Birthday

The Abbot General of our order, Dom Eamon Fitzgerald, is visiting our monastery for a few days.  His secretary, Fr. Thomas from our monastery of La Trappe in France is with Dom Eamon.  We are enjoying a power point on the different monasteries they have visited in the past year.  So far we have ‘visited’ Mexico and Central America and parts of Africa.  There are houses of our order, monks and nuns, all over the world.

This past week we have seen lots of snow here at the abbey and sub zero temperatures.  It has made for lots of deer sightings as they are hungry and seem to enjoy eating bird seed.

On January 31st we celebrated M. Gail’s 75th Birthday.  She worked at candy in the morning (no she isn’t slowing down!) and we had a birthday dinner at noon to celebrate. 

She received lots of cards and birthday greeting from her family and friends.  M’ Gail is currently our Vocation Director and Junior Director.