Around the Abbey

The Divine Comedy

Two years ago we had the pleasure of having Dr. Stefano Mula as a guest teacher.  He taught us about the Cistercian Exempla, stories about the ealy Cistercian monks that have a lot of meaning if not facts.  This year we invited him back to give us classes on the Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri.  Dante is on a quest through hell, purgatory and heaven.  It is a deep and rich poem; full of meaning, adventure and lessons.  We learned so much!  I believe that most of us are committed to reading the poem in full now that we have a much greater understanding of it.  Dr. Mula is an Italian from Sardinia and listening to him read passages from the Divine Comedy in Italian was delightful.  Dr. Mula is Chair and professor of Italian and Comparative Literature at Middlebury  College in Vermont.