Around the Abbey

Our Woodlands

Yesterday during a snow storm several sisters went down to the farm to inspect the 200 trees the forester harvested last week.  Most were black walnut trees which will be sent to Germany and other places to make furniture.  We have a large woodlands and we plant lots of trees.  This year we plan to plant 10 acres of farmland with trees.
The forester commented that several of the trees from one area he harvested were 49 years old.  It turns out that during the first year here the sisters planted those black walnuts.  Sr. Mary Ann remembers well planting those trees.  This year marks our 50th anniversary of foundation. We are now reaping a good harvest from the work of her hands.  We hope the trees we plant today will provide for the sisters who will be here 50 years from now!

Sr. Mary Ann, Tree Planter