Around the Abbey

Our Old Fashioned Pump House

Recently we have been working on the pump house over on the south farm.  It is very interesting building.  In the back there is a spring fed well that you walk down a set of stairs to get to.  The water collects in this well. The room is very cool and was used for refrigeration.   Upstairs, the hand pump is located in the center room.  This was the water source which supplied water to the farm house.  In the end room a deep concrete square basin is located which served as a root cellar for the winter.  It was also used in the summer to go and sit to cool off from the summer’s heat.

Our Friends Kathy and Rob Cone worked on the pump house for 4 days, cleaning it out, replacing the windows and rotten boards and painting the outside of the house.  They worked long and hard on the project before returning to their home in Ohio.