Around the Abbey

Lent in the Monastery

Let each one deny herself and look forward to holy Easter with joy and spiritual longing.

Rule of St. Benedict, Chapter 49 “On Lent”

Lent in the monastery is completely governed by Chapter 49 in the Rule of St. Benedict: On the Observance of Lent.  The entire life of the sisters can be seen through a Lenten lens, but especially during Lent St. Benedict calls the community to return to the full zeal of spiritual longing for Easter.  Each sister receives a spiritual book on Ash Wednesday, and the community gathers for a half hour each day to read together for the duration of Lent.  On Wednesdays and Fridays, the main meal of the day is a simple one of soup and bread.  With the permission and prayers of the Abbess, each sister chooses a personal Lenten practice as well.