Around the Abbey

Birthday Celebrations

Last week we celebrated Dom Brendan Freeman’s 75th birthday.  Dom Brendan, abbot of New Melleray has been our Father Immediate for the past 30 years.  We wish him and his community well as he plans his sabbatical and the community of New Melleray prepares for their abbatial election in August.

On June 25th we celebrated the Golden Jubilee of Sr. Genevieve Durcan.  Sr. Genevieve is the blood sister of Sr. Rosemary, former prioress of our abbey in Norway.  Sr. Genevieve has been living as a hermit in Kentucky since the 1980’s.  During the Mass she renewed her vows with M. Rebecca and Dom Brendan as witnesses.  We shared a festive meal with Sr. Genevieve and many of her family and friends.